Debating who has the best wings in Western New York can be endless. The one thing everyone can agree on is many places have awesome wings and certainly if you go other places in the country, Buffalo's wings are vastly superior to everyone else.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen had a Twitch stream on Thursday night and during the course of the stream someone asked him about wings and who made his favorite? Josh's answer is likely what a longtime local would say.


Judging by the comments to the tweet, Bills fans agreed with Allen's pick and certainly endears him even more to this community, which says something considering he just paid for everyone's ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery in Orchard Park...and oh yeah, the fact he took the Bills to their first AFC Championship appearance in nearly 30 years.

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Now, the next question is does Josh order them mild, medium or hot? I'm a medium guy and that's how it is at most places I go to for wins in Western New York.

Josh is definitely a blue cheese guy. Has to be.

Go Bills.

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