The Buffalo Bills staff is hard at work already, preparing for what will be a busy next three months of the off-season.

The Bills had a disappointing end to what was a successful regular season, in terms of the record (13-3). However, the team and organization faced the most adversity they have ever faced before and that's putting it lightly.

The number of injuries the Bills had contributed to some of the downfalls of the offense and defense, especially during the second-half of the season.

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Despite the Bills struggled on offense, they still had the second best offense in the NFL (yards per game). However, if you watched the games, it was clear the team had a problem trying to get wide receivers not named Stefon Diggs, open. The offensive line had its struggles as well.

Many fans want wide receiver or offensive line in the first round, which really should be the two positions the team focuses on on days one and two of the NFL Draft.

What many fans don't realize is just how much the Bills lack talent on offense, compared to other high-profile offenses.

Quarterback Josh Allen has not played with a single first round player on offense, since his rookie season (Kelvin Benjamin in 2018).

Stefon Diggs was a 5th round pick, while Gabe Davis (4th), Dawson Knox (3rd), Devin Singletary (3rd), Dion Dawkins (2nd), and Spencer Brown (4th) were not first round picks.

To be fair, the Bills have found great talent in rounds 2-5 in the draft, but they absolutely have got to find high end talent in this draft on offense. They can't afford to go defense with that first round pick.

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