People in Buffalo love Josh Allen. It's easy to see why.  But why do his teammates love him?  It's stuff like this that shows why he's a leader.

Buffalo Bills receiver Isaiah McKenzie was on America's Got Talent last night.  He was with a full group of NFL players.  Other former Buffalo Bills were there to represent too including linebacker Bryan Scott, tight end Michael Gaines, and running back Dwayne Wright!

They were singers in a group they called the NFL Players Choir.  The guys explained that they were discovered during a former Superbowl where Patti LaBelle was performing.  She started passing a mic around and found that some of these guys had a little talent.  From there, they started to get together and perform at fundraising events.  They've supported causes like St. Jude Children's Hospital and the American Cancer Society to nake a couple.  Last night, they sang the song "Lean On Me" and did a really good job!

Here's what people didn't see from that audition.

The Bills got together to watch that episode.  They were there together to support their teammate.  They say all the time that they're close as a team and this is just one instance where we get to see it.

This is what a leader does.

Allen jumped up to support his teammate who went out and did something out of his comfort zone.  He's yelling and making noise for him.  I'm taking a leap here but I'd imagine it's not the first time that Allen has gone crazy for a teammate. This is why people want to perform and do well for Allen.  Because he's there for them.  They're all there for each other.  Every player was making noise for McKenzie.

This is how bonds are made.

People can talk about accuracy all day.  They can talk about wins in big games all day.  Those things will come.  But these are the things that we don't see out of other quarterbacks in this league.  These are the things that keep teams hungry.  They want to win for each other.  This is why these guys play so hard for #17.  This is why we all love him.

Want to see some of the other players who were cheering for 'Lil Dirty?


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