A former Buffalo Bills player had been suspended for the rest of the regular NFL season. Fans had suspected it was because he had killed a bald eagle.

Two weeks ago, the Indianapolis Colts suspended cornerback Tony Brown and former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie for three games due to conduct 'detrimental to the team', which happened to be for the rest of the season.

There's gonna be a standard and people are going to be held accountable," head coach Shane Steichen told reporters when asked about the situation, according to CBS.com.


But, what did Tony Brown and former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie do?

The Colts wouldn't say anything else about the situation.

Rumors started swirling all over the internet and people were spreading that Brown and McKenzie had killed a bald eagle.

Why do people think that McKenzie killed a bald eagle?

It is not exactly clear, but maybe people took this story and twisted it. Indianapolis Colts safety Rodney Thomas II's dad shot an eagle earlier in 2023 and surrendered himself to police. The incident happened in May 2023.

On New Year's Day, Isaiah McKenzie posted on social media that he DID NOT kill a bald eagle.

It’s 2024 so let start fresh first things first i did not kill a bald eagle that story is false.

The Colts are sitting in a wild-card spot in the playoffs. It is unclear what will happen to both Brown and McKenzie if they make the playoffs.

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