As eager videogamers get ready for the newest release of one of the best football videogames on the market, the makers of the game think that the strongest arm in the league belongs to Josh Allen.

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Madden 21 is expected to be released on August 25th this year and some of the ratings for the players have already begun to leak.

It looks like Josh Allen and not Patrick Mahomes will have the strongest arm in the digital NFL as Allen has an overall arm strength rating of 99 while Mahomes has a 97 rating.

Mahomes does have Allen beat in the overall rating mark. Mahomes is one of four players that got a 99 overall rating. The other three according to are Aaron Donald, Stephon Gilmore, and Christian McCaffrey.

EA Sports has started to release some of the ratings of players and so far three Buffalo Players ratings have been officially released.

QB Jake Fromm will have a 62 Overall rating while wide receivers Gabriel Davis and Isaiah Hodgins were rated 69 and 64 overall respectively.

Baltimore Raven QB LaMar Jackson has already been announced as the cover athlete for the new game.

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