Josh Turner is so right with his new song.  Time really is love.  I used to work at a ski shop when I was just out of college and during the day while the skis were all out I was talking with the owner.  We were talking about wishes that we would make if we had the opportunity.  I was really surprised when it got to him and he said without hesitating that  he would wish for more time.

I didn't get it.  He could have anything that he wanted and he would wish for time??  But then he explained it.

He said, "If you wish for more money, you're still going to die with it and miss out on a lot of your family's life.  But if you could get more time, you can always make more money.  You can never get that time back with your family.  That's why I'd want more time."

Now that I've got a family I totally understand what he meant.  Everyone has to work to support their family.  But there's such a fine line that you have to walk.  The more you work, the more money you make (or at least you hope you make more for working more), and the more money you make the better their lives will be.  Right?

How much are they missing from you if you're not around? 

I've really been thinking about that the last couple of days because I've missed a couple of things in my kids life that I will never get back.  Yesterday was my son's sixth birthday.  I saw him for maybe an hour of his day.  I co-own a sound system and had booked a wedding last night.  So I got to see him before he went to school and that's it.

Today, my daughter earned her blue belt in karate.  I missed that too.  Those are times that I will never get to see again.  There's no way I can ever get those moments back .  I know that you have to work.  But I understand how hard it is to balance time with your family with work, especially when you love what you do. 

I've learned a lot too since my dad's passing about how important it is to spend time with those that you love.  Once your time is up, it's up.   How great would it be if you could make the decision to add a little time when your's is up? 

Now I get what that ski shop owner was talking about.  Time is much more important than money ever will be.  There will always be opportunities to go out and make more money.  You can't make time.  Enjoy every bit of it that God gives you.