It's not often that we have to be concerned about crazy traffic in the city of Buffalo.  But June 3rd could turn out to be one of those days.

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Buffalo is normally not awful in terms of traffic issues when you compare it to other cities.  Part of that is that we don't normally have a lot of events that happen downtown all at the same time.

Sure, we'll have Sabres games that might slow things down, or a Bandits game on a Saturday night, but you rarely have multiple events happening all at the same time.

Put June 3rd on your calendar

One date you might want to pay attention to is June 3rd.  Not only could we potentially have two big events at the same time, but they're in the same proximity to each other.  We could be dealing with a home Bandits playoff game, and one of the Buffalo Bisons most attended games.

The Bandits game might not happen

There is a chance that we could avoid a game 3 for the Bandits.  That game is only scheduled "if necessary."  This means that if one of the teams wins the first two games, that series will be over and a game 3 will not be needed.  However, if they split the first two games, then game 3 will be coming back to Buffalo on June 3rd.  And so will about 12,000 of their crazy fans.

The Bisons will be hosting Star Wars Night on the same night

The Buffalo Bisons will be holding one of their most anticipated promotional nights on June 3rd.  It's a night where Star Wars fans can dress up and see some of their favorite characters at Sahlen Field.  They get baseball and a super cool character experience.  It's the best of both worlds!

Add to that, the fact that it's a weekend and that there will already be more people out and about.

That day could turn out to be a little crazy in Buffalo. But then...isn't that half the fun sometimes?

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