Released in 1993, ‘Jurassic Park’ is still one of the biggest movies of all-time and one of the best action-adventure movies of the blockbuster era. How is it that the visual effects in a movie from 1993 look better than most movies made today? You can find out about that, and all other things ‘Jurassic Park’ in the latest episode of You Think You Know Movies, which focuses on Steven Spielberg’s prehistoric classic. Hold on to your butts!

What makes the dinosaurs so effective in ‘Jurassic Park’ is the blend of CGI and practical effects/animatronic dinos (a ratio of 60% practical to 40% CGI). The T-rex model itself weighed 9,000 lbs., was 40-feet long and 20-feet tall. Those are almost the precise measurements of an actual T-rex, according to fossil evidence. The T-rex roar was created by combining the sounds of a walrus, a baby elephant, a tiger and an alligator. His stomping is actually the sound of tree trunks falling to the ground.

‘You Think You Know Movies?’ is a ScreenCrush original series that dives deep into the cinematic worlds of your favorite movies and freeze frames a few tidbits you might not have known. We’ve already tackled ‘Star Wars,’ ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Spider-Man,’ but now, with ‘Jurassic World’ on the way, it’s time to look back at an adventure 65 million years in the making.

Watch more installments of ‘You Think You Know Movies?’ below and let us know in the comments what movies we should cover next!

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