Could the simple act of sharing an Oreo cookie determine someone's destiny, change their fate and alter the course of their life as they know it? Newcomer Kacey Musgraves ponders that deep, philosophical and meaning-of-life question in her jingle for the latest Oreo 'Wonderfilled' campaign commercial.

For the 'Daydream' spot, Musgraves sings and tells a story that asks a particularly poignant question. She gets a lot done in the space of 30 seconds, so the girl is efficient!

She sings, "Wonder if I gave an Oreo / To this cute guy that I used to know / Would he have dumped his girlfriend / Typed that email and hit send / Would it not have ended like it did? / Would we now have kids?”

The 2013 Oreo commercial's jingle is cute, sweet and has a little country twang, thanks to the banjo. It's funny how Musgraves jumps from giving the mystery man an Oreo to having kids with him. The graphics that accompany the lyrics are especially sweet, as a cookie family is featured on screen when she sings the line about procreating and reproducing.

Country music's greatest strength is its storytelling prowess, and Musgraves demonstrates that power in this brief commercial jingle. There's a lot of meaning -- all of it humorous -- packed into six lyrical lines!

Who knew Oreo cookies could be such life-changers?