Yup...this is a thing. Not sure why you might need an enormous bucket of Oreo frosting, but if you do, Sam's Club will have them for you.

When I say enormous, I mean a 9 pound bucket full of Oreo flavored frosting.

Now, let's not be confusing here.  It's not the stuffing that goes between the cookies.  This is Bettercreme Cookies and Cream frosting that's meant to go on top of a cake or maybe a couple cupcakes...or maybe a spoon that will go directly into your mouth.

According to Delish.com, the bucket is roughly the size of those orange Home Depot All-Purpose Buckets.  They also say that the bucket should be enough creamy frosting to cover roughly 200 cupcakes.

Let's be honest, you don't plan to do that.  But be prepared.  If you decide that you want to binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix with a side of Oreo frosting, it's gonna catch up to you fast.  The calories alone are astronomical.  You'd take in 16,380 calories, 936 grams of fat,1,521 grams of sugar, and (on the bright side) 117 grams of protein.

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