You know how challenging it is when you have to find certain Christmas presents for certain people. You always ask 'what do you want for Christmas' and then you have to wait and wait and wait. Well, hopefully this can help this year!

There is this new virtual experience that Sam's Club has started and it may make your life a heck of a lot easier.

Now, the setting is the Griswold House, but don't think that it is all movie themed. It is ALL sorts of items that they sell and are featuring at Sam's Club and you see them when they look like.

You take a tour and can click on items and see what they are, the pricing on each product and a purchase button. You start off by walking up to the house and seeing tons of Christmas decorations on and around the house and you can click on them. Then you go into the foyer and see some of the toys, go into the office and see working and home office supplies, go to the living room and see toys and go to the kitchen and see food and holiday specials. It really is pretty fun. Here's what it says on the website and use the link below to take the tour!

Clark’s goal of creating perfect moments and memories for his family for it to be greatly interrupted by things outside of his control is basically the story of 2020. And we’re here to celebrate the fact that even though nothing has gone to plan for 2020, and things continue to "go wrong," we can still, as Clark says, "have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas", it says on the corporate Sam's Club site.


If you see a '?' you can click on that throughout the house and learn facts about the Griswolds. For instance the first '?' you may see is by the front door and will say:
'Did You Know?
A minor earthquake occurred when they were filming the scene where they were filming Uncle Lewis and Aunt Bethany arriving at the Griswold House.'

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