Dating terms are constantly changing.  If you've ever caught yourself wondering what the heck "ghosting", "submarining" or "sidebarring" meant, I've got your back.

Ok...if I'm being honest, this post is more for the parents than it is for the kids.  They know what the heck these things mean.  This is for those of us who hear these things and don't want to seem out of the loop.

Many of the things that happen in the dating world have been around for a long time, there just wasn't a term for it before.  Now there are.  The lingo can be downright confusing these days and nobody wants to be on the outs about what they mean.  So here we go...

Ghosting - Basically, this is ignoring someone.  You don't return their calls or texts or anything.  You kind of pretend they don't exist.'s not a good thing to get "ghosted" by someone.

Ghostbusting - When someone is ignoring you and you force them to respond.

Caspering - This is when someone lets someone down gently then completely disappears.  So, it's what happens when you're nice but you still want to move on.  It's still ghosting...but kind of a nice form of ghosting. (Get it?  The friendly ghost?  You get it.)

Submarining - You can't do this without "ghosting" someone first.  Submarining is when you have been ghosting someone and then come out of nowhere and start talking to them again as if nothing had happened.

Sidebarring - This is what's happening if you're on a date, but you're still checking your phone and texting with your friends.

Breadcrumbing - Essentially this is just leading someone on.  This is what you're doing if you have no intention of taking another step.

And today on New at Noon, we learned about "Sneating."

Sneating - This could be defined as "sneakily chatting someone up solely for the purposes of a free meal."  This one takes a little bit of planning because there's no guarantee that the meal is going to be covered until that check comes.

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