Dating and falling in love isn't easy.  But if you're looking to do that, according to a new study, New York State is a good place to be.

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If you've dated in the last couple of years, you know how hard it can be.  Meeting people is hard.  Trusting people you met on an app is weird.  And a lot of people say that it's gotten even harder since the pandemic.  According to, "nearly one-third of those who have stopped dating recently cite COVID-related concerns."

So what do you do?  Where do you go to find someone to fall in love with?

According to data from the US Census Bureau, one of the best places to be in the entire New York State.  When looking at where single people were living, New York State had representation with cities in the best small, mid-size, and large metros.  Ithaca was represented in the small metros at number 4.  Syracuse and Albany/Schenectady-Troy were represented on the mid-size list.  Buffalo, Rochester, and New York City all showed up on the list of the "Best Large Metros To Fall In Love"

I're saying, "Then why can't I find anyone that I want to date?"

Well...the study didn't really say much about the quality of the fish in the pond.  It looked more at the size of fish you could choose from.  In other words, there really are plenty of fish in the sea...but that doesn't mean they're all marlins.

Make sense?

You can check out the entire list here.  But in a nutshell, here are the cities that were represented on the Best Large Metros list and why they made it that high...

Rochester, NY (Came in at #8)

  • Composite score: 63.2
  • Percentage of adults that are single: 35.4%
  • Male share of the adult single population: 45.4%
  • Divorce rate: 11.4%
  • Food and entertainment businesses per 10k: 26.6

New York City/Newark, NJ (Came in at #7)

  • Composite score: 64.2
  • Percentage of adults that are single: 34.5%
  • Male share of the adult single population: 41.6%
  • Divorce rate: 8.6%
  • Food and entertainment businesses per 10k: 33.7

Buffalo, NY (Came in at #6)

  • Composite score: 64.2
  • Percentage of adults that are single: 38.4%
  • Male share of the adult single population: 44.2%
  • Divorce rate: 11.7%
  • Food and entertainment businesses per 10k: 28.3

California dominated the top 4, but considering that this is a national study, it looks pretty promising that New York had so many across all of the different size metros.

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