Who is Morgan Wallen's new girlfriend? The internet is going crazy right now after a picture surfaced this week. The rumor mill is swirling all over Instagram right now.

We probably saw over a dozen social media posts in a row of fans trying to figure out if this is Morgan Wallen that Megan Moroney is holding onto in a photo dump she posted on her Instagram Story on Wednesday afternoon.

You can see the picture below. Moroney is holding onto a guy while she is wearing all orange.

The comments had fans immediately pointing to Wallen. Fueling it even more, Morgan Wallen's good friend HARDY's wife was on a podcast and said that Wallen's type was "skinny blondes". After all THERE HAS BEEN HISTORY in the past between Wallen and Moroney.

That’s Morgan wallen


Obviously Morgan Wallen. She’s in a full orange suit, he has the short hair and backward hat.


They're both performing and Morgan has a special collaboration with "a special guest".


It's MW & MM for sure


Who is Megan Moroney? This is important if you are a country fan and for a few reasons. She is one of the hottest rising stars in country music and known for her hit 'Tennessee Orange', and currently is on the country chart TWICE at one, with her song I'm Not Pretty' and a song she has with Old Dominion out that she is featured on called 'Don't Break Up Now'.

'Tennessee Orange' was a hit that topped the country chart in 2023 and it was rumored that it was about Morgan Wallen. Here are they lyrics:

I met somebody and he's got blue eyes
He opens the door and he don't make me cry
He ain't from where we're from
But he feels like home, yeah
He's got me doin' things I've never done
In Georgia, they call it a sin
I'm wearing Tennessee orange for him
Took me to Knoxville last Saturday
Morgan Wallen kept commenting on all of Moroney's posts and radio host Storme Warren and crew asked her indirectly if they were dating without actually naming names at first. Megan Moroney continues and says that she was wearing HIS shirt. Check out that clip below.

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