Sam's club has announced that they will no longer be having people check your receipt when you walk out of the door to leave.

When you would go to a Sam's Club during busy hours, the most annoying part would be TRYING TO LEAVE. You couldn't get out the door fast because there would always be an employee who would scan your receipt and then scan a couple of items in the cart randomly in order to make sure that they were paid for.

That will not be a thing of the past.

Now, there will still be an employee there, but this time they will be making sure people get through these new machines okay. You will walk through this machine that kind of looks like the metal detector that you walk through before a concert, or maybe the airport. It does not matter if you self-scan and pay for your items or if you pay via the cashier, everyone walks through these before they leave.

Customers will shop as normal, and instead of stopping at the door to have their receipt checked, “computer vision and digital technology” at the exit will take photos of carts to verify that all items were paid for", according to ABC27.

It will alert the employee if something in the cart has not been paid for.

As of right now only 10 of the Sam's Club stores have the new checking devices, but every single one in New York State will have one by the end of the year.

Last year, Sam's Club announced that they will be laying off a ton of people as well. They expect that they will be laying off about 5,000 people in the future.

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