You may have noticed that Kacey Musgraves' voice went silent for a couple of seconds during the 2013 CMA Awards on Wednesday night (Nov. 6). The singer was censored three times during her performance of "Follow Your Arrow."

Musgraves' song includes the lyric "roll up a joint," and the network took the time to drop her mic during the line. How did she feel about the censorship? A little confused.

"I guess for some reason people feel the need to censor that word but yet they decide to leave the word crack in there," Musgraves says of the performance (quote via Nashville Gab). "I’m not really sure why."

When the 2013 New Artist of the Year winner thinks about her song 'Follow Your Arrow,' she doesn't think censorship or drug use — she considers it to be a very positive song.

She explains, "You know, honestly to me, ‘Follow Your Arrow’ is just a really positive anthem just encouraging people of all kinds to do whatever makes them happy."

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