For eight minutes they ate pounds and pounds of kale and washed it down with their beverage of choice...water, diet Pepsi, Gatorade or whatever...and in the end the guy that won it last year won it again.  The 2nd annual World's Healthiest Eating Championship was held Sunday at the Erie County Fair and with a grand total of 22 and a half pounds of kale, Gideon Oji out-ate Joey "Jaws" Chestnut to win the title.

Eight of the top competitive eaters from all over the country came to Western New York to participate including the man dubbed "the greatest eater in history", Joey Chestnut.  The 9-time winner of Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest gave it his best, but came up two and a half pounds short.

Gideon Oji again hoisted the Kale Cup even though he was three pounds short of what he ate last year.  The competition was sanctioned by Major League Eating, the body that oversees all professional eating contests.

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