We’re only a few days into 2024, but already, so many of us have started working hard on our New Year’s resolutions. 

A lot of New Yorkers have made vows to get in better shape and hit the gym more this year, which is a great resolution to make! And if you’re looking for an activity that is incredibly beneficial for our overall health, strength training is near the top of the list. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, strength training is good for us in a variety of different ways, like increasing our metabolism, building lean muscle mass, and increasing bone density.

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Apparently, it looks like New York State governor Kathy Hochul made a similar resolution for the new year. Unfortunately for her, hers didn’t go according to plan.  

Governor Hochul Hurt While Lifting Weights At The Gym

As reported by Albany-based news station WNYT, Governor Hochul injured herself while recently lifting weights at the gym. While speaking to a group of elementary school students in Watervliet, New York on Wednesday, the governor joked, “I’m not ready to play with the Buffalo Bills on Sunday; I’m gonna be on injured reserve.”

The New York governor revealed that she tore her pectoral muscle during a workout at the gym, trying to increase her lifting weight of seventy pounds. 

“I thought for my New Year’s resolution I could go to eighty (pounds), and my body said ‘no’.”

She also admitted that she first injured the muscle the day before (Tuesday), visited her doctor, but then tore it more because she, in her words, was “not taking care of it.”

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This year, if your goals include getting fit and lifting weights, don’t go the way of Governor Hochul and hurt yourself! Injuries take a long time to recover from, and it’s never a fun time to be stuck in a sling during the winter (just ask anyone trying to put on a winter coat). 

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