Halloween is only a couple of weeks away!  Parents and children are making decisions about what costume to wear, what type of candy to buy and who they're trick-or-treating with??  One family member that shouldn't be overlooked is your pet.  How many of us don't even think to consider our household companion(s) on this holiday?  I bet a lot!!  So, in an effort to keep "Scruffy", "Patches" or "Muffy" safe.......here are a few tips from the ASPCA!




#1- The candy is only for humans!- Well duh,....it seems like common sense, but how many of us cheat a little and give our pets chocolate, gummies etc....Did you know that chocolate can be very dangerous for our pets!  Candies that contain artificial sweetener (xylitol) can be harmful as well!


#2- Halloween plants like the traditional pumpkin and decorative corn are not toxic, but could give your pet stomach problems if he/she nibbles on either.


#3-Wires and cords- Make sure that if your Halloween decorations/lights have any cords or wires.....they are covered up or out of reach from your pet.  If you pet chews on the cords ,it could suffer burns or even a strong electrical shock which could be life-threatening.


#4- Pumpkins with candles in them- Pets are curious little beings.  They can easily knock a pumpkin over that may have a candle burning in it.  Cats especially!


#5- Costumes for pets- For those of you who think that dressing poor little "Marley" in a costume is a great idea......make sure it's alright with him/her first.  If your pet is cooperative...then go for it!  If you know your pet hates it....skip it....don't just do it because you like the reaction from others.  It can cause your pet unneeded stress.


#6- Keep most pets away from front door during trick-or-treat time- Sounds pretty logical! If your pet doesn't take kindly to strangers....keep him/her in a separate room. It is also a smart idea because a pet can slip out the door with the frequent opening and closing.




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