Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock decided not to have a huge elegant wedding but, to elope instead. (Which, is probably better if Blake Shelton isn't there to drink the place dry).

When they go to elope though, are the going to have a first dance? Of course

We're bringing our own vinyl player and we're doing it that way. Eva Cassidy is like my favorite, and her song 'Songbird' so we're probably gonna slow dance alone to it".

Kelly, 31 goes on to say that she's basically 'already married' to Brandon, though. "We live together. We have a house together. We have the two kids who live with us. We're already kind of a family. But I think that it just kind of puts it in place. When you get married, it's like official. You're starting a family and we want to have more children, so we're just excited. I guess that's the best part, it's a new kind of chapter in my life."