Kelsea Ballerini was in town to perform at this year's Buffalo UnPucked. The event was hosted at 716 and was a great time! From Kelsea's performance to the food and other entertainment you couldn't ask for more. Before she took the stage we were able to hang out with her over in Harborcenter Marriott and as always we had fun.

This by far is one of if not the most ridiculous videos we have ever done. What started out as an idea of doing some sort of song in the bathroom turned into us just having a dance party to Justin Bieber in the shower.

I will say the rooms at the Harborcenter Marriott are gorgeous; the shower was huge, which is why we all hopped in, and really everything about the place is spectacular. So just keep in mind we're not taking this seriously, it's just some fun...

We're sorry. Pun intended.

Check out  Kelsea's Instagram takeover HERE

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