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Would You Rather?
You guys are really giving us some good ones for "Would You Rather".  This week, Clay Moden stopped by to be my guest and answer some of your questions, which this week included a question concerning Donald Trump and Justin Bieber.
Kelsea Joins Rob + Liz
Kelsea Ballerini was in town to perform at this year's Buffalo UnPucked. The event was hosted at 716 and was a great time! From Kelsea's performance to the food and other entertainment you couldn't ask for more. Before she took the stage we were able to hang out with her over in Harborcenter Marriott and as always we had fun...
Comedy Central to Roast Justin Bieber, Start Writing Your Tweets
‘SNL’ took perfect potshots at Justin Bieber over the weekend with Kate McKinnon’s latest spot-on impression, and while the world at large isn’t lacking for reasons to roast the Biebs, Comedy Central will make it a global pastime. Bieber has officially been chosen as the subject of Comedy Central’s next roast, and half of Hollywood is already lining up.
His Biggest Fan?
When I had kids, I always hoped that they would like the same things that I liked as a kid.  You hope they like the same sports, the same TV shows, and the even the same music.  But when they don't necessarily like what you like, what do you do?  I can say from experience that sometimes you find yourself doing what they like instead...even if it means going to a Justin Bieber concert.
Who Was the Most Annoying Person of 2012?
Well, the year is nearly over, so let's look back and hate on it a little bit. So many, many things were annoying this year. People starting saying "cray-cray" all the time, and for some reason they also all decided it was okay to waggle their chewed up gum halfway out of their mouths on the train. It's not. It's never okay.

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