We shouldn't be talking about the off-season right now, but unfortunately, the Buffalo Bills are in the off-season portion of the calendar year after their heartbreaking, soul-crushing really, overtime AFC Divisional round game loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, 42-36.

The Bills have the hardest part taken care of. Josh Allen has cemented himself as one of the  best quarterbacks in the NFL -- in fact, Allen is probably right there now with Patrick Mahomes for best QB in the NFL. He's played that well the last two seasons.

The Bills have a lot of decisions to make in regards to the roster. Longtime edge rusher Jerry Hughes will be a free agent and is also 33 years old, and the chances of Hughes returning to the Bills are slim.

The other key free agents going into the spring include guards Ryan Bates and Ike Boettger, wide receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Isaiah McKenzie, and cornerback Levi Wallace.

The Bills' biggest needs are offensive line help, along with more depth in the secondary and at wide receiver, especially if Sanders and McKenzie leave. Beasley will also be 34.

Getting a player like Khalil Mack to help with the pass rush would be a dream come true, but he's currently under contract with the Chicago Bears.

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The seven-year pro is 30 years old and is one of the best edge rushers in the NFL. He's also a University at Buffalo product. The Bears do have a potential out of his contract i n 2022, but that likely will not happen.

Still, one Buffalo restaurant is hoping Mack finds his way to Buffalo. In fact, they're right down the road from UB.

Elmos serves up some of the best wings in all of Western New York. The bar and restaurant is located off Millersport Highway in Getzville, and made an offer of a lifetime supply of wings to come to Buffalo.

The Bills will have limited cap space, but it doesn't hurt to dream...

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