This is a pretty incredible story and also a BIG reminder of why you shouldn't litter. A kitten was freed, after it's head was stuck in a disposable coffee cup lid.

According to reports from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the cat was on a road in Chautauqua County.

ECO Dougherty observed an object in the middle of the road in the town of Ellery. Upon closer inspection, ECO Dougherty realized the object was a small animal with its head stuck inside a plastic fast food drink cup. ECO Dougherty removed the cup, but needed to cut the lid from the kitten's head.

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This is another reminder to put your trash where it belongs. Honestly, personally speaking, this is a huge pet peeve. Litter bugs are lazy! Not only does garbage ruin the visual appeal of the world around us, random trash can affect wildlife and, in this case, household pets! Put your trash where it belongs or carry a trash bag with you and keep the garbage with you until you can put it in a proper container.


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According to reports, Chelsea Blackwell lost her dog earlier this week and went driving around the city looking. About an hour later, Blackwell saw a car pull up with her dog sitting in Swank's lap! Of all the people who could find and return your dog, the last one you would think it would be is a mega star! Pretty amazing and great to see a real life Hollywood ending here in the Empire State!

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