Kristian Bush is Taste of Country’s newest guest writer. Each Monday in October, he’ll share the stories behind the songs he’s written and recorded for his new solo album, expected in 2015. His current single ‘Trailer Hitch‘ has entered the Top 40. Today, ToC readers can listen to and learn all about ‘Light Me Up.'

Something wonderful happens to a man when he is loved by a woman. Something that can't be undone. We can't un-feel that feeling. It never goes away ... even if she does.

After the first time it happens, we are never the same again. It is beautiful, transformative, powerful and forever true. I want to make sure women reading this know the incredible impact you have when you love a man.

I have spent many years as a songwriter in Sugarland being conscious that we were writing from a woman’s point of view. It has been a learning experience, eye-opening and surprising. I cannot say that I have mastered the female voice, but I can say I have taken a good swing at it, even if at times that swing was in the dark. It feels to me like women see things differently, get mad differently, celebrate differently, cry differently and love differently than men do. Women are simply and beautifully different.

This song, 'Light Me Up,' is one that I have wanted to write for a while now -- but I knew it would have to be from a man's voice, so I waited. I am excited to finally have the chance now that I am making a solo album. It’s the chance to say to women everywhere that there really is nothing in the world like the feeling of being loved by you. No feeling even close. Like the soft blue glow of a radio dial, like a spark wheel on a lighter, like a lighthouse shining, or a lit fuse burning up a bottle rocket, you change me (and all of us) into something better with your love.

Listen to Kristian Bush, 'Light Me Up'

I hope you enjoy today's Music Monday. I wrote it with Jesse Rice. This is the only recording of it. I have been performing it for the last five months off and on, sometimes with a band, sometimes just me and my guitar. Every time I play it, I try and give it everything my lungs and fingers can give.

To everyone who has loved me and changed me for the better, my most humble thanks. You light me up.

More soon!

Atlanta, GA

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