The NFL Combine is going on in Indianapolis this week and while the players are hoping to impress clubs around the nation, coaches and GMs are looking to fill spots.  One spot that the Bills will not have to worry about as much this year is Kyle Williams' position.

He will be back in 2017!

That was the announcement made by head coach Sean McDermott at a press conference from the Combine.  It's great news for the Bills and Bills fans everywhere.  It makes it a little easier for fans to let a player go when you see them declining over the years.  That is not the case for Kyle Williams.

The Defensive Tackle once again made the pro-bowl this year and has been a consistent building block for the Bills.  He loves Buffalo and we love him for that.

"Kyle Williams, man, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Kyle. What he's done for the Bills' organization, one of our leaders, and I can announce at this time, that Kyle is coming back, and we look forward to working with Kyle." -- Bills' Head Coach Sean McDermott


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