There was a forecaster who noted that the weaves on Lake Erie had the potential to reach as high as 25 feet on Sunday! With winds as high at 69 miles ans hour reported at the Buffalo airport, that seems like a possibility.

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Lake Erie is notoriously known to be a lake in which conditions can change dramatically in just a hour or so. This video below shows how aggressive things got on Sunday as the storm front came rolling in to Western New York.

We were watching weather change from our front windows on Sunday as the Buffalo Bills were getting ready to play the Arizona Cardinals. Thankfully, for us as least, there was not a power outage. However, many others were not so lucky and in fact, there are many without power as of early Monday morning.

The winds will be around for most of the beginning of the week and will bring some snow off of the lake for higher elevations through Tuesday. According to the forecast, there will be a slight warm up for us mid week and a return to rain by the weekend.

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