The Buffalo Bills have won the AFC East for the last three seasons. The division that used to run through New England, now runs through Buffalo.

The AFC East looked like it would produce at least three playoff teams this season, until the wheels fell off the Patriots, Jets and Dolphins.

Miami ended up still making the playoffs, despite a five-game losing streak before week 18, but the lack of quarterback success sunk the Patriots and Jets from playoff contention.

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But will the Jets and Patriots go after one of the NFL's best quarterbacks?

If you have not been paying attention to league news, there's a QB saga going on in Baltimore.

The Ravens and star quarterback Lamar Jackson have not agreed to a new contract extension yet. Jackson is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent this March, although Baltimore can use the franchise tag for 2023, which would be $45 million next season.

Jackson injured his knee back in early December, which is described as a sprained PCL, which is a partial tear. Jackson did not practice down the stretch and missed the final few regular season games, along with the wild card playoff game against the Bengals.

Many believe that Jackson and the Ravens' relationship is beyond repair and that he will play elsewhere in 2023. Where will that be though?

According to Bet Online, the Patriots and Jets are the leaders for the next team Lamar Jackson plays for.

Baltimore is still in contention, obviously, but if the Patriots or Jets land Lamar Jackson, that would be huge.

I can't see New England doing this (although I can be proven wrong) but I can see the Jets making a push for Lamar.

Bills fans should root against one of the league's most dynamic players going to a division rival like New York or New England.

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