There are new reports popping up that indicate some dangerous chemicals have been found in straws that some fear may lead to an all out ban on them in New York State.

In an effort to keep residents safe and the future of New York State bright and healthy, officials in New York State seem to jump quickly when it comes to new policies. For example, the recent reports that New York is going to eliminate the sale of certain freezers and the push to eliminate natural gas appliances.

New York State was one of the first to put an end to the use of single plastic bags, foam takeout containers and plastic straws. But now there are reports that show some of the paper replacement straws are not as healthy as we had thought.

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We are hearing so much these days about the dangers and presence of "forever chemicals" found in some of the things we eat and drink. New reports show that paper straws, that are better for the environment, have these forever chemicals in them.

Will New York State ban the sale of these straws and products? That remains to be seen. In the mean time, officials in The Empire State are still working on eliminating various fossil fuel burning vehicles.

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