There is nothing like the freedom of driving. There are reports that some of the younger generations in the United States and across New York State are either starting to drive later in life or choosing not to drive at all! For some of us, that is hard to understand but not hard to believe.

With all the ride share options, the younger generation finds it easier and less expensive to Uber around than to own a car, register and insure a car in New York State. For those who love to drive and love a good muscle car, there is some sad news this week.

Many of us over the age of 30 had or have a friend with that cool car. The one that they drove to school and made everyone jealous. Or the one that they bought during a mid-life crisis? Soon that car may be just a memory. Chevrolet has announced that they will discontinue the Chevy Camaro!

I have to admit, the Chevy Camaro is my favorite muscle car and I did have one for a few years. However, kids came along and the car had to go! As New York State gets ready for the move to a more efficient energy and electric vehicles are standard, a muscle car will be a distant memory and a collector's item. It begs the question, what will the next generation have as the "cool car" or more of transportation that takes them back to their teenage years?

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