This week is the Country Radio Seminar, which is a conference in Nashville that brings anyone in the industry from radio to record labels to journalists all together for a few days. While there, you'll see some rare moments with artists doing not-so-normal things while everyone is in town.

Garth Brooks recreated the intimate one-man show that was hugely successful in Las Vegas that he once had. Just him, his guitar and about 2,000 people and toward the end of his set, he gave a nod to Buffalo in front of all of those people--barely and of the actually from Buffalo--and told the crowd what it always a pleasure it is to always have a show up 'there' because of how great the fans are.

I say it every time we are on stage before Darien Lake: Buffalo has some of the craziest country fans in the world. That's why we have as many as 8 country shows at Darien Lake, have a Summer country show in a ball park with 25,000 people and that doesn't even include any of the Fair, Canalside, Acoustic or other club shows that pass through.

Now, if we can get the guy to come to Buffalo. Perhaps New Era Field?

Garth is kicking off 2019 with his stadium tour and there's no Buffalo date...yet. Hopefully, he'll find some time as the tour continues for the next couple of years.

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