As we wake up to some snow still on the ground in parts of Western New York what are the chances more snow is coming our way?

The good news is that on average the snow stops falling around April 16th here in Western New York. The snow we got on April 27th was not normal but it is also not the latest it ever has snowed in the 716.

The latest we ever had measurable snow here in Western New York was back on May 20th in 1907. Western New York got a tenth of an inch of snow that day. Measurable snow is defined as at least 0.1 inches of snow.

The latest snow was ever seen in Western New York was on June 10th, 1980. Back on that date, flurries were spotted across Western New York. That is just 11 days before the official start of Summer.

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The snow on April 27th was record-breaking as more than 1.4 inches of snow was measured at the Buffalo-Niagara International airport.

That 1.4 inches of snow was ranked as the 7th most late-season snowfall recorded here in Western New York.

The most snowfall ever recorded late in the season was on May 7th in 1989 when nearly 8 inches of snowfall was recorded.

The good news is that looking ahead to the weekend no snow is in the forecast. We are looking at mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the 50s and 60s.

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