I have seen some incredibly dedicated postal workers in my day. They're the ones who go the extra step to make sure that letters and packages are delivered quickly and safely all across the country. This lady does not fit into that description.

Watch as she not only refuses to walk the package from the street to the porch to be delivered, but she wants no part of the stairs either. She tosses the package from the sidewalk to the porch after she drives her postal truck on the recipient's lawn!

The description under the video says, "I simply have no words. The package was not heavy in anyway, and yet this woman made the decision to do this."

Here's what I hope...I hope that she was actually injured and wasn't physically able to walk that distance but decided to power through to come to work anyway and was doing the best she could. If that's the case, then I'm sorry. But from what I see, it just looks like she's being lazy.

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