Waiting for the mail to arrive can be strenuous, especially if the mail is something you're urgently looking forward to. I know I get anxious when I'm expecting something and it takes a bit longer than I anticipated. That may be the norm for some mail starting soon.

According to WGRZ, the United States Postal Service finalized a deal this past Friday that would "slow down" some mail delivery standards.

The reason given was to help "stabilize" the agency and help with growing debt.

How much of the mail would be slowed down, though?

61 percent of its first-class mail would have the same standards, along with 70 percent of three days or less. That would seemingly leave 30 percent of other mail that could be impacted.

The USPS says that they've had to depend on air transportation, which costs significantly more than ground transportation; it's also less reliable.

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The change wouldn't happen for another two months or so, as it will take effect on October 21st, 2021. Still, though, it's not the most ideal thing for people who would like their mail in the usual, standard amount of time and I'm curious to see how many people will have mail "slowed down" in its delivery/.

We will also see if there are any complaints about the new measure that is being taken.

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