The price of stamps is going up all across the United States. Starting on July 10, 2022, the price of a letter stamp will increase from 58 cents to 60 cents.

In addition, increases will be seen for postcard stamps and packages.

There is something you CAN NOT do and is very, very illegal. Most people would assume that this is illegal, but if you commit this crime, you are committing a felony in the United States. You CAN NOT reuse a stamp. Once it has been used on a letter, you cannot reuse a stamp on another piece of mail. This seems like an obvious statement, but in the past, there have been people who have reused stamps to avoid buying new ones.

Do you think that the increase in price will cause more people to try to reuse stamps? 

Be aware that the United State Postal Service does not sell discounted stamps. If you are online and see any discounted stamps, please be sure that they are not counterfeit and/or stolen. The last time that the price of stamps went up, the Postal Inspectors said that they saw an increase in fraudulent stamps:

an increase in suspected counterfeit stamps offered for sale with many being offered on online platforms, including social media marketplaces and e-commerce sites via third party vendors", according to

According to the United States Postal Service website, there is a warning posted in all caps that reads WARNING:

Once a postage stamp has been used, it is a federal crime to:

1. Remove, attempt to remove, or assist to remove cancellation marks from postage.
2. Reuse a stamp whether canceled or not.

If you have questions concerning the reuse of postage, please contact your local Postal Inspector.

Title 18, U.S. Code, Sections 471 and 1720

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