You Have To Pay To Get Your Mail?
With all of the junk mail we get these days can you imagine having to pay for it? Back in the days before stamps were invented it wasn’t the sender, but the receiver of a letter who paid for it. But back then people really sent letters and that’s usually the only thin…
Saturday Mail
First the U.S. Postal Service said Saturday mail delivery will be cut beginning in August as a way to save money.  Now the Government Accountability Office says the Post Office doesn't have the authority to make that decision.
Unusual Ways To Deliver Mail
There’s been some talk about scaling back mail delivery to five days a weeks – eliminating Saturdays, but still at 45 cents it’s still a pretty good deal to mail a one ounce envelope anywhere in the country.
The Incredible U-S Postal System – Dale’s Daily Data
It comes under a lot of criticism because of what seems to be constantly rising rates, but the United States Postal Service is the country’s largest civilian employer with over 700-thousand workers who handle 44 percent of the world’s cards and letters.  They deliver 212 billion pieces of mail every…
Woman Tries To Mail Pooch
A woman is in trouble with the law after she attempted to mail a small dog to Atlanta in a sealed box. She told the post office there was a toy robot in the box and to ignore any noise heard coming from the box.