2024 is almost here and among the big changes for the New Year, there are some major price increases coming in New York State. For those who drive back and forth on the Thruway, you may want to get an EZ Pass if you don't have one.

New York State typically has some of the highest taxes in the nation and some of the highest fees for things as well. In the new year, the minimum wage will be going up and will most likely have a trickle down impact on the things we buy. Pizza night is pretty expensive and my get worse as 2024 begins.

The tolls in New York on the New York State Thruway will be going up as of the start of 2024. If you don't have an EX Pass, now is the time to consider it. If you don't have an EZ Pass the toll price will go up as much as 75%!

This is happening as the discussion over Chick-fil-A being open on Sunday continues.

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