By now, most of us know that Air Bn'B is a great place to go as a travel alternative.  Instead of doing the same old same old hotel experience, you can find some truly remarkable places to stay.  From a typical house, to a lakefront cottage, to a castle, to your own private island, there are tons of unique options for local places to stay on Air Bn'B in Western New York, and the surrounding areas.

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But recently, I noticed a feature on Air Bn'B that I had never noticed before.  There is now a button for "Experiences" on the website and app, that lets you find and book Unique Experiences hosted by local experts. And there are some awesome-looking things to try around the country.  In Sin City, you can get a guided photo tour of the Las Vegas Strip.  You can take a Chinatown food tour with a Chef in NYC.  Or, you can take a paddle board ride with puppies and kittens in Orlando.

Here in Western New York, you can brush up on your knowledge of an ancient skill, Falconry.  Yup, that Falconry...the ancient art that began in Mesopotamia, with the earliest accounts dating to around 2,000 BC.

All you need to do is book an experience at American Hawkeye's School of Falconry in Ellicottville.

Your host Jonathan, will get you up close with live birds of prey.  You'll learn about the ancient sport of Falconry, the history of birds of prey, and the equipment.  The best part is that you will be able to touch and handle a live raptor, and get a photo opp with the birds!

A little more about your host, Jonathan;

I am a master falconer and have been working with birds of prey and other wildlife for most of my life. I love teaching people about the ancient sport of falconry. I have lived throughout the U.S.A. and love exploring all of the wild places in our beautiful country.

The place has a perfect 5-star review, so if you're into birds, and looking for a unique activity in Western New York,  American Hawkeye's School of Falconry in Ellicottville just might be for you.

American Hawkeye's School of Falconry - Ellicottville

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