Everyone is hurting after the Buffalo Bills' heartbreaking loss to Kansas City in the 2022 playoffs, and the pain has even reached the middle schools.

Cheektowaga Middle School, to be specific.

A class of 6th graders at Cheektowaga Middle School were heartbroken about the recent loss in the NFL Playoffs, so their teacher decided to turn this moment into a unique life lesson.

The teacher, Becky Switzer Haines, initially planned to teach a lesson on Main Idea and Supporting Details with non-fiction text on Monday, but the lesson plan quickly changed.

"When I looked at the kids and heard their conversations, I decided they needed something different today," Switzer Haines said. "I decided instead, to teach a lesson on perseverance and how we can overcome adversity."

"While the bite still stings and may for a little while, let's look at the positive and send some kind words of encouragement to the guys who need it most this week.....The Bills," Switzer Haines said.

Her 6th grade class got to work, and each student wrote an encouraging letter to a member of the Buffalo Bills.

You have to see these letters, which intend to be mailed to Highmark Stadium in hopes of reaching the team.

Cheektowaga Middle School Writes Letters For Buffalo Bills

A group of 6th graders at Cheektowaga Middle School wrote some letters for our Buffalo Bills, and it's going to make your heart melt.

Teaching goes beyond the textbook, and Becky Switzer Haines proved that in her Cheektowaga classroom on Monday.

Thank you for teaching and leading the way that you do.

One thing we can all take away from this is never give up on your dreams.

The Bills will bring the Lombardi trophy to Buffalo. It may not be this year, but a championship is on the horizon.

Go Bills!

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