A lighthouse collapsed into Lake Erie over the weekend due to heavy winds. Wind gusts were reported to be over 70 miles per hour at their peak. The lighthouse was located on the north side of Lake Erie by Port Maitland by Ontario. You can see the lighthouse that fell over below.

The weather was so crazy that it was even hard to drive while it started to rain as well. The wind made it almost un-driveable conditions. North Tonawanda recorded wind gusts of 73 miles per hour, while other towns like Lancaster, West Seneca and Cheektowaga all recorded in the 40s.

EXTRA: The weather was so crazy that the Niagara River was actually flooding the land. The wind broke a hole in one of the concrete walls and it was FLOWING onto the land.

The Most Buffalo Way To Measure Snow

Buffalo is known for several things, snow, wings, Bills football, and for being a drinking town. So when we measure snow, we do it in the most Buffalo way, using beer cans.

Expected WNY Snow Totals From The Lake Effect Storm

Here are the expected snow totals for Western New York from tonight through Thursday.


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