There is a hole in one of the walls along the Niagara River that is really pouring onto the land. In the video below by Nigel Hay, you can see the hole in the wall. You can see the City of Buffalo in the distance.

Apparently, the water level rose over a foot over the weekend. Why did this happen?

The water was rising due to the Seiche. Honestly, after looking at all of the blogs from weather experts around Buffalo, they all had their eyes on the Seiche. What is a Seiche?

According to the NOAA:

Seiches are typically caused when strong winds and rapid changes in atmospheric pressure push water from one end of a body of water to the other. When the wind stops, the water rebounds to the other side of the enclosed area. The water then continues to oscillate back and forth for hours or even days.

It was quite a rainy weekend in Western New York. There will be some snow and rain mixed into the forecast to start the week. Temperatures will be dropping back into the 30s be week's end.

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