The West Seneca Police responded to a call in West Seneca after a house started on fire because it was struck by lightning.

Yesterday, there was a massive storm that rolled through parts of Western New York with Hamburg and West Seneca getting hit the hardest. In Hamburg, streets and yards were completely flooded and cars were not able to drive down some streets. In West Seneca, some residents were seeing lightning shows, something like they have never seen before.

Yesterday just around 2 PM, a lightning bolt struck a house by Kone King. The police and fire departments came to save the day and everyone is okay. It's amazing how in Western New York one certain town can experience such a weather event and just a mere 5 miles away another town will not experience at all. This was one of those days yesterday.

Elizabeth on Facebook wrote:

Lightning hit the tree outside our house a few years back, and it was LOUD. I hope everyone is okay…even just the loud noise can scare the heck outta yah.

Joseph commented on the post:

Praying everyone gets out alive. This was one of the worst storms I have ever seen. Are you aware of any driving bans?

Cheryl was scared:

sending the family prayers that lighting was bad never seen anything like it

Take a look at this picture from the scene yesterday.

Have you ever seen any damage happen from a lightning strike in Western New York? Luckily, everyone is okay from yesterday's storm.

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