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Both, Buffalo AND Cheektowaga Rank In Top 10 Polish Populations i
This is awesome. I saw Buffalo was on the list and said 'HA--I knew we'd be on there'.
Then I saw that CHEEKTOWAGA IS up there with the big cities!

New York City, New York - 213,447 
Chicago, Illinois - 210,421
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 65,508 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 57,485 
Los Angeles, California - 5…
Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods in WNY in 2018
Is your family living in a good spot around Western New York? How is the crime where you live? Lancaster, Orchard Park, Tonawanda, Amherst and West Seneca--you all have a neighborhood in your town that has been ranked 'Top 10 Safest' in Western New York...
The Cider Mill Opening Day!
It's almost happening! The most fun tradition of the year opens back up on August 7!
I'm not quite sure how it's almost August--this Summer is FLYING by and while we have to make the best of what is left, we have the Mayor Brothers Cider Mill to look forward to in just 12 days...

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