The summer will be here before we know it and with it is the return of one of the most popular destinations in New York State. The summer really is too short around here and we try to pack as many things in to a couple of months as we can.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has ended and the cold weather is has taken a break, we are all ready to get out and celebrate all that the Western New York area has to offer. For some, that means it is time to plan the schedule for the summer. Among the great events that are going to happen is the start of the 2023 at Lily Dale!

What is Lily Dale? According to the Lily Dale website:

We are an international member organization and residential community comprised of persons who practice the faith of Spiritualism. Spiritualism is an active faith guided by a set of principles. This faith is applied through prayer, meditation, healing, and mediumship.

There are some exciting people and groups coming this summer and among the highlights are Jack Osbourne and also an appearance from The Ghost Hunters!!

My wife and I have attended a few readings from some of the mediums who reside at Lily Dale. I find it to be a great experience and very rewarding when we visit. To be honest, as soon as you park the car and start to walk around, you feel a sense of calming and start to relax. I also find comfort within some of the readings and conversations that I have had about family members who have passed when I have attended Lily Dale in the past.

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