Linda Ronstadt has rarely talked about her life since revealing her Parkinson's diagnosis in August of 2013, but in a new interview, the music legend admits it's getting more difficult for her to perform routine tasks.

“It’s hard to wash my hair, brush my teeth, and put my clothes on," she tells KPIX in San Francisco. "It’s hard to get up and out of a chair.”

The disease has completely destroyed Ronstadt's celebrated singing voice, which helped her win multiple Grammys and launched her as the first true female superstar. She has had to accept that she will never sing again.

“It wouldn’t sound like anything. I can’t get to the note," she dishes. "I can’t make any quality sound. I can’t arrange pitch. I might aim for a note and hit another one. It sounds like shouting."

Still, the last few years haven't been all bad for Ronstadt. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April, and President Obama honored her with the National Medal of Arts in July.

Her memoir, 'Simple Dreams,' became a bestseller, and is now available in paperback.

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