Since the COVID-19 pandemic ended, we can all agree that it is great that things are getting back to normal. However, there were a few things that we gained or learned from the COVID era that were worth it. For example how great was it to be able to order something, drive to the store or business and they put it in the car for you...even booze!

Mother's Day is coming up and so are the many summer events and parties that you will be invited to! Graduations, birthdays, first communions and so on are all happening in the next few weeks. Did you get put in charge of bringing the alcohol? Soon, there may be good news for the last minute shoppers.

Here in New York State, it seems that we have some of the toughest, and often confusing, liquor laws across the country! Can you buy booze on a Sunday? Where can you sell it and who can sell liquor in your town?? What exactly is a "blue law".

There are reports that laws in New York State will be changing IF legislation gets approved.

Legislation is being crafted to embrace many, if not all, of 18 recommendations framed last month by the 21-member Commission to Study Reform of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.

One example of a law that is being looked at for change is the ability to sell or purchase liquor from a store on Sunday mornings.
According to the report from

The commission, for instance, is urging revisions to the vestige of a Sunday blue law that prohibits liquor stores from selling liquor before noon. The recommendation calls for allowing those sales to commence at 10 a.m. Sundays.

This may be good news for football fans here in Western New York as many try to get out early to tailgate! Being able to buy a bottle of booze before you meet your friends could be a reality soon!

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