Keith Urban is coming back with a brand new album called 'Graffiti U' with the hits 'Parallel Line', written by Ed Sheeran and 'Female'. Another track title that Keith previewed in Nashville during his tour annoucement was a song that seems to be a nod to one of his heroes, Don Williams called 'Texas Time'.

Life is always better when you hear a song for the first time with the lyrics in front of you so, here you go!

New Keith Urban Song -- Texas Time Lyrics

New York girls thinkin' they're so pretty

but I get cold living in the city oh

but then I got to go

I've been west out to California

Summer nights girls are so much warmer there

Dont have a care

But I know a place where the people are smiling

Taking it easy and it's been a while since I've gone

Now it's time to go home

Give me a Texas girl on a real hot body

You know what's on my mind

Show you where it's at

Lets get down on Texas Time

You got to rock it easy, we're going to party

Whiskey, woman and wine yeah show you where it's at yeah

Lets get back on Texas time

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