Newcomer Logan Mize knows how to throw a party. Look out for Mize in 2015 as his tune 'Can't Get Away From A Good Time' is climbing up the charts! Of course, singing along is always more fun with lyrics.

 Logan Mize - Can't Get Away from a Good Time

I just can't get away from a good time
It started out innocent enough, hanging in the backyard working on my truck
Turning some wrenches, cranking some tunes
A typical Saturday afternoon
Next thing you know my neighbor Pete walked back
Said his weed whacker had run outta gas, we looked hard
Couldn't find a drop, ended up at the fridge in the back of my shop
One cold one turned into four, fours gotta way of turning into more
Bust out the weiners, bust out the buns
Fire up the grill gonna have a little fun

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