[LYRICS] [LISTEN] New Dan and Shay Lyrics–‘Tequila’
Here's the new song from Dan and Shay! This may be the best Dan and Shay song to date, up there with 'Nothin' Like You'. Of course, we'll hook you up with the lyrics because that's one of life's guilty pleasures with new songs.
New Dan and Shay song -- Tequila
I can still shut down the party
I can hang…
[LISTEN] [LYRICS] New Eric Church Song–‘Why Not Me’
New Eric Church Song--'Why Not Me' 
why with your long brown hair flowin
you were with your fresh tattoeded skin
youre from western va
that you never get to see again
its darkness decdeind the desert
and a bad actor starred in his play
why you from Teneesee did life capture
and me  from teneessee get away

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