The life of a song can have an amazing, longer journey than you think. Luke Combs has a new song called "Refrigerator Door", but it's not so new. The song was written in 2015 and it didn't make Luke's first album, but now that he has 5 #1's under his belt, he's officially putting the song in an EP.

Luke Combs new project he is calling The Prequel has 5 new songs for you which includes the smash "Beer Never Broke My Heart".

Four other songs "Refrigerator Door", "Moon Over Mexico”, “Even Though I’m Leaving” and “Lovin’ on You.”

And we're here to give you a preview:

New Luke Combs Song Lyrics - "Refrigerator Door" lyrics 

There's daddy on his John Deere, brand new in '96

Beside me and Bandit playing fetch when I was a kid

A save the date, best day of my best buddy's life

Anybody else could walk on by and not blink an eye

Yeah they're just pictures hanging side by side

forgotten memories from another time

and all the places that I've been before - a couple magnets, recipes and polaroids.

Yeah, but that's my life on a refrigerator door...

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